Exhibition top tips

According to Gary Fitz-Roy, one of Australia’s leading exhibition organisers, there are some simple tips that will ensure exhibition success.

  1. Planning: You must have a plan, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Early, thorough preparation will save you money, time and ultimately – hassles.
  2. Exhibition choice: Some industries will have many events to choose from.  Deciding on the right one is the key to success and achieving your objectives.
  3. Budgeting: Make sure you have an all encompassing budget for the event including stand build, logistics, promotions and give-aways, staff and their expenses.
  4. Stand design: Your stand design must help deliver your objectives, should have a “call to action” and be able to inspire interaction between show attendees and your team.  Try not to create barriers between your customers and your product or service.  When a stand is engaging it engages all the senses maximising your opportunity to communicate clear messages to your customers.
  5. Team: Your team’s attitude will be the number one factor in the success of your participation as an exhibition.  Make sure they have the appropriate product knowledge, selling skills and willingness to participate.
  6. Follow up leads: Assign a team member the task of following up on all leads generated at the exhibition within a designated time period.
  7. Measure your success:  With clear objectives set at the beginning of the event you should have a clear mechanism to measure how you went against the following the event.

Gary Fitz-Roy runs free Practical Workshops for new exhibitors providing valuable, pragmatic tools and advice to help exhibitors maximise exhibition participation.  For more information on the next round of workshops, please send an email to info@expertiseevents.com.au.