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August 4, 2017
Pride's On Display
Pride’s on Display at Family Firm
August 4, 2017

A recent survey was conducted by an independent market research company to determine what our customers thought about and their experience dealing with us at GCDEX. We’ve got to be doing something right:

“I would characterise our relationship with Craig and the team at GCD as ‘Professional’ from the point of view that they deliver on everything they agree to. The relationship is an open and transparent one. I have really liked that nothing is a bad or silly thing to say or ask for and so I love working with them because it is that type of relationship.”

“I like the fact that I deal with everyone, not just with Craig but everyone else involved in the build and sign-up point stages. Everyone is well-spoken and I’m very impressed with them as a team.”

“They have plenty of competitors and traditionally we have gone through an ad agency who could choose to connect us with anyone. But now, by going directly to GCD, we’ve cut out the middleman and we’ve only been able to that because they’ve delivered such a good result every time.”

“When we go to the shows, we regularly get other stand builders photographing Craig’s work and being assertive in trying to get our business. GCD’s prices have remained competitive – so the quality-price balance is perfect. For us, dealing with them is a black and white decision: They’ve proven they can bring the concept to life. I’m not an ad agency I sell product and they bring the vision I have in my head together – and build it.”

“I would not hesitate to make a strong recommendation of GCD to other people based on their mix of professionalism and cost (all facets really) including the accessibility of their key people when you need to talk to them.”

“If I had to pick one thing that GCD does REALLY WELL, it would have to be that they deliver on the concept. For me and I’m not a highly creative person, they bring my ideas to life.  I think they do a really, really good job all of the time and on one recent occasion, they got me out of a tonne of trouble when we’d had a falling out with the exhibition company and they’d moved our stand to a completely different spot where we only had one wall. Craig’s attention to detail picked it up – we didn’t. Because of that, we were able to go back to the shell schemes exhibition organiser and fix it. Craig backed me up in my job when I missed it partly because I wasn’t provided with the same maps as he was.”

“Dealing with them is an easy and pleasant experience. They answer your calls with a happy voice and if I tell them I’m coming via the Coast can you see me it’s “no problem”. I don’t have a lot of time and I can be pretty punchy (a little abrupt) but we get down to it and get the job done. I like to feel welcome and they achieve that.”

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